Stop The Presses!

Stop The Presses.jpg

If I could actually say this at a newspaper office one day, that would be pretty cool. But seriously, my presses are stopping.

I usually take 2 major breaks during the year from blogging and content creating. The first one is during December/January for about 4 weeks to enjoy the holidays and relax. My second one is during the summer, usually June. But this time I’m moving it to May.

Why, you may ask? Mainly because I need some mental and creative rest, I’m still in school so I have finals to take, and transitioning into summer, for me, is never easy and involves a lot of moving most of the time.

But also, it’s so I could take April off. Since I run on a schedule and write and film fairly far in advance, having May be a post-free month means I can get back on the horse and still have a break from all of the sharing and promotion pandemonium that comes with blogging. I didn’t have to prepare for May during April, and can spend May getting ready for the summer.

So, if you’ve been searching for new posts to read of mine or new videos, they won’t be happening in May. There are a few How To Succeed In Blogging posts going up, because they were written in March, but otherwise, nothing is planned.

See you in June!


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