Quick and Easy Logo Design


A logo is the key visual element that will help readers identify your blog immediately, no matter where they are online. They are also easily one of the most time consuming pieces of building a blog, because we try so hard to get to perfection. Well, my goal is to help ease the process of logo creation by making it quick and easy.

Sketch It 

If you have an idea in your head, draw it out to make it visually in front of you. You can have a really cool idea in your head, but when you actually make it visual it doesn’t quite meet your expectations or doesn’t look exactly right. Sketching it out makes it real so you know what works and what won’t.

How To Make It

I make all of my own logos, from Look Through My Lens to InsightBox. I am lucky enough to have Photoshop experience, but I’ll be honest and say the majority of the logo designs were not in Photoshop at all, but on free editing services.

My favorite for logo design is Canva, which is free to use, and has a lot of cool fonts, backgrounds, colors, and templates to choose from. InsightBox and Social Millennial logos were made entirely through Canva.


When I say variations, I don’t mean different looking designs. I mean having a variety of sizes for various reasons. For example, a Twitter header is going to be a different size than your blog header, and in order for your logo to look the best, it should be sized correctly for each purpose. Again, Canva is great for this because it has preset sizing templates for all you can imagine, making this a much easier task now than it is with Photoshop (which I’ve done, and ugh it’s not fun).

Hire Someone

If you have a very specific idea that you don’t think you can manage to make yourself, feel free to hire someone. Obviously, that costs money, and if you’re like me and are trying to keep costs as low as possible, definitely try to make it yourself first.  But there is nothing wrong with hiring a graphic designer to do it all for you, but you still need an idea and probably a sketch to get what you want.

How did you get your logo idea? Share in the comments below.


7 Replies to “Quick and Easy Logo Design”

  1. I have been thinking of a logo for my blog but I battle a lot of how or what I’d want to look like. Really helpful advice, I’ll make sure to sketch it when something comes to mind. Thank you for the canva website! 😃


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