You Are Your Brand!


I give presentations and workshops on how people can best leverage social media to help them as leaders and future career people. Many times, these people only see social media as a fun way to send messages to their friends, and not has a powerful branding weapon. But, that’s a whole other post in itself. What I want to focus on is how people never see themselves as a brand, but we totally are.

Think about it, when we want something like a job or an opportunity, we have to sell ourselves and pitch our identity to get what we want. It’s weird for us to think of ourselves as brands, but we have to in order to be successful sometimes.

As a content creator, I work on my personal branding very, very often. And I enjoy helping others figure out there personal branding and where to start, whether that is on social media or not. Here are my tips:

Three Words Rule

I start by telling people to think of three words they want to represent them. Think of values that a company has, you want values to live and promote by. Those are your three words: the values you want others to think when they see you, both online and off.

For example: my three words are ambitious, knowledgeable, and creativity. You can seriously just Google different values and get a huge list of different words to choose, if you’re struggling.

Consistency and Authenticity is Key

On a medium where you can manipulate your appearance to look however you want, authenticity goes a long way. You want your brand to be authentically you as much as possible, because that is how you will stand out. And you want that authenticity to be consistent, and you want to promote yourself consistently as well. You can’t really turn your brand off, so authenticity and consistency are key factors.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Do

Number one rule of public relations and reputation is it’s not what you say, but what you do. You can say whatever you want, but if your actions don’t match those statements, they will no longer mean anything to anyone. So if you are going to say you’re ambitious be ambitious, and live up to it. Be the person you say you are.

What are your three words? Leave them in the comments below!


6 Replies to “You Are Your Brand!”

  1. Great advice! I already read the post about the “about” and I will work on mine 🙂 Even though I don’t even know what “disclaimer” means, lol. I will look it up. I’m still struggling what my brand actually is, but your idea with the three words is genius! Thank you very much, I will think about my 3 words! Maybe you’d like to check out my blog and give me a feed back? I’d love that.


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