Hey, What’s Up, Hello


If you are reading this, you probably know about me from one project or another, whether it is Look Through My Lens or A Geek Girl’s Guide, or maybe Social Millennial. More than likely you saw this on a Facebook group thread for new posts or the Community Pool. No matter how you got here, I am glad you are.

So you’re probably thinking “Why is this so special?” Well sit down a minute, and I will tell you.

I have been working on many projects, from own two blogs, doing a YouTube channel, starting an online magazine, and starting my own business. Ooh, not to mention that I am a full-time college senior with a part time job as well. Yeah, I do so much it’s a miracle that my head is still on and I can think straight some days.

Now I’m not here to complain. If I didn’t enjoy all of my projects I wouldn’t be doing them. With that being said, I figured it would be interesting to take a more personal look at all of those projects, both old and new, and seeing what goes on behind to glass screen in front of you.

Also, I have been contemplating doing more blogging about how to blog, because I am getting close to 2 years now. And also doing how to’s for vlogging and web design and social media, and all that jazz. I couldn’t find a natural way to do all of that with what I currently had, so this will be the home for all of that too.

This may not be as consistently updating as every other project, which is fine for me, I am not trying to make it where 6 out of 7 days have something of mine going up. But I want to share my knowledge, experience, and goals with the people who have been watching and reading from me at one point or another. I hope you are also willing to follow along and that you can take away something from my occasional ramblings.

Do me a favor, and leave a comment telling me where you know me from!


11 Replies to “Hey, What’s Up, Hello”

  1. Hello! I found you on community pool – such a useful page! I only started my blog 2 weeks ago so I’m looking forward to building it up and your story is truly inspiring! Congratulations on all that you have achieved 🙂


  2. Pool. Returning the visit. I have added some color. My o my, i see so much. Your blog would be a good place to work for you. Background, pictures, your style all add to the prescence and mystique or who you are! Nothing too personal. You, at least seem open for business.


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